Broward County

Why use us?
In the bail bond industry for over 20 years, our Broward County bail bonds agency is the best at what we do. We offer a completely confidential service to all of Broward County’s citizens when a loved one or family friend has been detained by law enforcement. Available for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays, nothing is more important to us than returning  your loved one back home safe and sound and as fast and inexpensive as possible.


When calling our service have the following information handy, which will help to move the process of getting the detainee released in the fastest possible way. If any of the following information is not available to you don’t worry, we will acquire the needed info with no extra charge to you!

Please supply the following when calling our Agency.


  1. The detainee’s name [correct spelling important]
  2. The detainee’s date of birth
  3. Amount of bond
  4. Date of arrest
  5. Town, city or county detainee was arrested in
  6. Payment information – We accept all major credit cards, cash, & western union


If you are not from the county, city or town that the detainee was arrested in, we also offer a “pay by phone” option which makes it easy to retain a bail bondsman without your being present. For more information on this process, please refer to our “facts and question” area by clicking the link on this page at the bottom left hand side. Or just call our phone number and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to answer any concerns you may have.


What services does we provide?
We offer numerous types of bail bonds, with a vastly experienced staff who are among the “best and most respected” bail bondsman in the State of Florida.


We offer:

  • State & County Bail Bonds
  • Nationwide Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds
  • Immigration Bail Bonds

Commonly asked questions and concerns


How long does the bail bond process take?

  • Normally the process of getting a detainee released takes between 2 and 8 hours on average. Each County, City or Town will differ depending on the backlog of cases, and circumstances at the time.

What if I am not in the same area as the “Arrestee”?


  • If you’re not in the County, Town or City that the Arrestee is detained in, we have a “Bail by Phone” option, making it possible to post the bail by phone! We want to make this as easy as possible and we hope this option helps take off the stress of the situation.

Below is some additional information on the City – County in which your loved one is detained.


  • County Seat – Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • Population – 1,759,591 {2008 census}
  • Surrounding Areas – South of Palm Beach, North of Miami Dade
  • Points of Interest – Flamingo Gardens, Everglades National Park, Museum of Science & Discovery
  • History – Named after Napoleon Bonaparte Broward

The first step in getting your loved one home was completed by finding our bail bonds agency, lets us take it from here and be assured you and your loved one are in good hands.