West Palm Beach

You’re just a phone call away from getting your family member or friend released from jail with the help of the best bail bonds agency available. Totally confidential and professional, West Palm Beach bail bonds agency has been an established bail bond company for over 20 years and we know our business. We will make the process of posting bail for your loved one as fast and discreet as possible, with our devoted and compassionate bondsman.


How to start the bail bond process?


You’ve taken the first step in assuring a speedy release of the detainee by calling our agency. You will speak with an actual bail bondsman, not an answering service or recording. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and will help to elevate the stress of the situation. When you call our bail bond company, have the following information handy if possible {any missing info we will acquire if needed with no extra cost to you}.


  1. The detainee’s name [correct spelling important]
  2. The detainee’s date of birth
  3. Amount of bond
  4. Date of arrest
  5. Town, city or county detainee was arrested in
  6. Payment information – We accept all major credit cards & western union


Bail by Phone Option


We also offer a “Bail by Phone” option for those who are not in the area where the detainee was arrested. An easy and fast solution to getting the process started as quickly as possible without having to travel. Call today and one of our bondsman will explain the process and what you will need to do. We also have a page here that explains our “Bail by Phone” option; you can find the link below on the left hand side of this page.


What type of bail bonds do we offer?


  1. Immigration Bonds
  2. State & County Bail Bonds
  3. Federal Bail Bonds
  4. Nationwide Bail Bonds


Why retain a Bail Bondsman Agency?


When a family member or friend has been detained by law enforcement, a bail is usually set to get the detainee released until their court date. The amount of the total bail could be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, which would have to be paid in cash in person if posting bail yourself.  By using a bail bondsman you would only need a percentage of this total bail amount, which is normally about 10% of the entire bail [check with us to find out the county or city percentage that the detainee is detained in for correct amount]. By using our bail bonds agency you may use a credit card or western union and will not need cash on hand.


If your not from the area and would like some information on the city your loved one is detained in, we have comprised a little information for you on West Palm Beach. Get your loved one home by the end of the day and call us, the only bondsmen you will ever need.