Immigration Bonds

Brennan Bail Bonds in one of the few bonding agencies in Florida who write immigration bonds. Over the many years of posting these types of bonds, we have become very familiar with the process and execution of these types of bail bonds. By calling our office, you can rest assured that all of your immigration bail bond needs with be handled in a professional and timely manner.


Information needed about the defendant:
1.    Alien number
2.    The defendant’s full name
3.    Defendant date of birth
4.    Immigration Bond Amount
5.    The name and address of the person requesting the immigration bond
6.    The defendant country of origin


Who Needs an Immigration Bond?
The immigration process can be confusing to most who have never had to go through the process before. This is why it is important to deal with a company the has the experience and knowledge to guide you through.


An immigration bond is needed when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) has an interest in a defendant that has been arrested. If a defendant is given an immigration bond through ICE, a bond can now be posted for that amount through our Miami Immigration Bail Bond office.


Another scenario is when a non-citizen defendant is arrested on a county or state crime and you may find an immigration hold reported by the detaining county. In this case, the defendant may have a bail bond required by the detaining county and an “Immigration Hold”. In this case, immigration may want to transport the defendant to the ICE detention center where another Immigration bond may have to be posted.


How much is an Immigration Bond?
Immigration bonds are quite different that the standard State or County bail bonds. Due to the higher risk involved with immigration bail process, they call for a higher premium. The required premium on all immigration bonds is 15%. No bonding agency is permitted to charge any more or less than the 15%. In addition, some form of collateral will be needed. Most of the time, this is collected either through cash or real estate. Many different options are available. We encourage you to call our office to further discuss the process and collateral options.